Rautainen norsu

Määrä: kpl

Käsinmuotoiltu ja käsinmaalattu rautainen elefantti

Reilun kaupan tuote

Pieni: 18x5x15cm
Keskikokoinen: 26x9x24cm
Iso: 30x10x25cm

Valmistettu Intiassa

Our supplier of metal artefacts from Jodhpur, India is a very small enterprise, run by two partners who set up their own business 8 years ago. We have known them for many years as they used to work for our main Indian furniture supplier. We are very pleased to be able to support them. The business employs 6 people who enjoy good wages and good working conditions. They are involved in charitable work and also provide employment to one disabled person. Our new supplier is a larger business providing valuable employment to over 150 people. They are very well run with good facilities and good staff terms and working conditions.
The metal artefacts themselves are made by master craftsmen in their own small workshops or homes in the city of Jodhpur. This income supplements rather irregular income from agriculture, which forms the backbone of the economy in most of rural India. Agriculture itself is dependent on the monsoon as there are no perennial rivers in the Thar Desert so working on the land is not a reliable source of regular income in itself. The handicraft sector in Jodhpur is essential to provide a precious livelihood to both the artisans and the local economy.