Septum-koru, musta

Tuotekoodi: KS_G (GS 001) 14,90€12,67€
Määrä: kpl

Materiaali: oksidoitu messinki (ei sisällä nikkeliä, lyijyä tai kadmiumia)

Halkaisija: 16mm
Koko: 1mm

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Gunmetal, also known as Red brass was originally a type of bronze alloy consisting of copper, tin and zinc, used to make guns and would turn dark grey almost black over time. Our Gunmetal jewelry is made from our imported nickel-free and lead-free brass that we heavily oxide to get a very dark grey blackish color. We strongly advise against polishing our gunmetal with polishing liquids or jewelry polishing clothes as then the color will slowly turn yellow as the oxidizing will be removed.

Valmistaja: Organic Jewelry - kestävän kehityksen periaatteella vastuullisesti valmistettuja koruja

Suuri osa myynnistä palaa rahana takaisin paikallisyhteisöihin. Yritys on mukana erilaisissa yhteiskunnallisissa kehityshankkeissa ja auttaa paikallisia taloudellisesti mm. rakentamaan uusia kouluja. Yritys vastustaa ehdottomasti lapsityövoimaa.

Yritys kirjoittaa sivuillaan näin:

We produce our products in remote areas of Indonesia and Thailand where local expertise still fuels traditional techniques of hand carving jewelry. After years of research we have now created our own factories where highly skilled and experienced locals are doing what they do best; hand carving with great care and finesse a unimaginable beautiful piece of art what is known to you as our exquisite line of organic jewelry. In our production we use natural raw materials that locals have used for thousands of years. Far and away from the modern world we found local people that are capable of creating and producing jewelry combining our ultra modern designs with traditional carving ways that can only be learned by passing them on from generation to generation.

We have always taken a strong stand against certain injustices in our world. That's why we aggressively fight against child labor. Our team ensures that our organic jewelry line is produced without any involvement of anyone under the age of 18.

We have been awarded and praised for our harsh stand against certain injustices in our modern world. We will continue our effort to make our world a better place.